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Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 195 lbs.

School: Valley Christian High School, San Jose, CA  
(Ranked #1 in CCS Open Division)

Head Coach: Mike Machado
Office: 408-513-2458
(If you would like coach Machado's mobile phone number as well, please email or call me directly)

Long Snapping Trainer: Chris Rubio/Chris Sailer Kicking

Strength Coach: Greg Marshall, Strength Coach for the San Francisco 49ers and Marshall Sports Performance and Fitness.

My name is Josh Elias. I am a "Five Star" Long Snapper who placed 3rd out of over 120 of the best high school junior, senior and JC snappers in the world at the  9th Annual National Kicking & Snapping Event ... and here is my bio:

Having played football and competitive baseball since I was a child, I made the decision to focus on football and work towards a career in this sport. While on the Varsity Football team, I one day volunteered to fill in for our absent long snapper and just a few days later... there I was, snapping on live television in the opening game of my Junior year. It came so naturally to me, that it turned into an obsession right away and I started snapping during our entire team practices and then again when I got home. I had a great time snapping and even won the Special Teams Most Valuable Player Award as a Junior playing in the powerhouse West Catholic League. This all happened in my first year as a Long Snapper (something that I'm told is very rare).

On January 12, 2010, I started attending the Sailer Kicking camps under the coaching of Chris Rubio and have continued to improve dramatically. This summer, I began training four days a week with Coach Greg Marshall, Strength & Conditioning Coach for the San Francisco 49ers (the transformation is obvious in my Long Snapping workout videos).  Now that we are back in school, I am continuing to hit the weight room very hard to maximize my Senior year of high school football. 

Long Snapping is now my passion and I'm excited to continue on this path. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY invite you to compare the videos on my website  to anyone else in the country and decide for yourself who you want snapping for you (especially my
"Side-by-Side College Comparison Video").

Thank you for taking time to visit my website. I would be very grateful for the opportunity to speak with you about the possibility of playing for your school.


Josh Elias   

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Must See Video

Side-By-Side NCAA Comparison

Here is a "Side-By-Side Comparison" video of my game snaps to those of some of the top NCAA programs in the nation. Most teams are looking for high school seniors who they hope will someday be able to consistently play at the caliber of the NCAA starters on this video; if your looking for a snapper who can prove that he's already snapped consistently at that caliber before getting to your program ... please watch this video and decide for yourself. 

Highlight Reel

This clip includes highlights from my 2009 games. My height at the time was 5' 11" and my weight was about 160 lbs. I have provided game footage of every snap on several of the games below so you could view my actual consistency.

Long Snapping
Warm Up In Pads

This clip includes one unedited warm up session of passes, 5 PAT snaps and 5 punt snaps. This session was all done in pads.

Long Snapping

This clip includes two angles of consecutive (unedited) snaps during a long snapping workout back on February 17th 2010 and after five weeks of training and nutrition with 49ers Strength and Conditioning coach Greg Marshall, I had gained 13 pounds of muscle and was up to 176 lbs.

Long Snapping

This clip includes two angles of consecutive (unedited) snaps during a long snapping workout back on July 3rd 2010. My weight was 168 lbs.

Long Snapping

This clip includes two angles of consecutive (unedited) snaps during a long snapping workout back on February 7th 2010. My weight was 164 lbs.

Game Footage CCS Semi-Final Game

This clip includes my warm-up and game footage from the 2009  Central Coast Section Open Division Semi-Final game during my Junior season.

Game Footage St. Ignacious 

Coming Soon!
This clip includes game footage from the St. Ignacious game my 2009 Junior season.

Game Footage Riordan

Coming Soon!
This clip includes game footage from the Riordon game my 2009 Junior season.
More videos to come... 

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